on exhibition

Unavailing; Art Serve, August - September 2023

Elite Foundation Gala, 2023


This participatory installation is an invitation to reflect on personal stories of pain, and find the courage to share those stories. When we are willing to share our stories, we invite others to the conversation.

Stories is an ongoing series capturing the essence of wounds - silenced. Each represents a unique background. Layers on layers, giving texture, grit, points of breaking, color shows through. Just like life, when on display we are connected.

The goal of this installation is to encourage us as a community to pause, reflect on our stories, and hear the stories of those who have been silenced in society. This interpretive installation is an invitation for viewers to reflect on personal stories of struggle and pain and find the courage to acknowledge those stories. 

Some things may never be spoken, but acknowledging them can be freeing. It’s an invitation to the conversation for change and a reminder, that you are not alone. 

I’m wondering if acknowledging our own silenced stories might bring strength and perspective, soften our hearts, and open our understanding to those suffering in silence around us. 

Could our stories be the thread that brings out empathy and compassion in humanity. Maybe these wounds, silenced in the dark, are intended to let the light shine through. Could it be what connects us? 

Could pause, fuel compassion for change? Could it be that what’s died inside, hidden in the dark, is a seed to sprout and grow again?

Whatever you’ve been through can shape you or break you. Why not break the silence, as you heal from within. 

You can join the Story Project by hosting a workshop, educational programming, or exhibiting the participatory installation.